About Us

ZoomFlock App is developed by PalSolve, Inc., an Atlanta based company established in 2016.



Provide a secure and trusted platform for groups for easier decision making and problem solving


A team of three serial engineer entrepreneur friends - Avi, Sanjay and Dijji are active group app users in their friend circles.

There are many group and messaging apps out there. But, these friends felt there was a need for a group app where discussions are threaded and searchable. Also, friends needed help in a private, secure setting with unbiased reviews of vendors and professionals, planning vacations, finding good books to read, movie recommendations and more. Friends trust friends. ZoomFlock was started to connect friends in a secure and trusted setting and help them solve problems together. And, make these solutions searchable later on.

Start a Group today with your pals and ZoomFlock your problems!


  • Groups and Messaging

    It's like a private chat room for your Group. Have as many Groups as you want. You can have multiple admins for a Group and have as many members as you want. Group members can share Reviews, Deals, Events or Classifieds with each other. It is easy!

    Groups and Messaging
  • Reviews

    Add a Review for anything that is of interest to your Group. Share the Review with one or more Groups. Your Reviews are always private, personal and searchable for the selected Groups.

  • Events

    Create Group Events and manage roles, potluck items, RSVP dates, number of attendees (or kids), add photo sharing and more.

  • Deals

    Use the Deal feature to sharing exciting rebates and promotions that you find in your Group. Manage group discounts and deals and allow your Group members to sign up for the negotiated deal with a vendor. For example, use it for cruise vacation or buying HVACs.

  • Classifieds

    Use Classified to sell or give away items (paintings, furniture, equipment, toys, books, etc) on your trusted Groups easily. Know who is coming to your house and to whom you are selling.

  • Categories and Tagging

    Categories or tag Reviews, Deals, and Classifieds for meaningful search. Tags can be added when unlisted categories.

    Categories and Tagging
  • My Favorites

    Tag your favours Groups, Discussions, Reviews, Deals, Classifieds for easy tracking in My Favorites.

    My Favorites
  • My Stuff

    Use My Stuff feature to track all the Groups, Discussions, Event, Deals, and Classifieds that your started.

    My Stuff
  • Search

    Use Search to find what you are looking for! Search Discussions, Reviews, Events, Deals, Classifieds and members easily.

  • Buzz

    Share news and alerts for your Group based on your specific interests.